Who we supply


We work with local and national designers to get them the best materials for their ranges.rolls of fabric Similarly, costume designers in tv production companies, film and theatre production companies come to see us to find the fabrics they need for that theatre actor, or that period drama costume!

Locals & Hobbyists

Our 40 year trading history means that people we are well established with local hobbyists, and local dressmakers. If you live nearby, come in for a browse of our 1,000's of cheap fabrics.student designs


The technology, design and fashion students order with us regularly to find the exact fabric then need for their design collections.

Fancy Dress & Partygoers

from witches capes, to furry clubbers, to lurex Elvis, to toga parties, to baywatch babe, we can help you find the material that you want for that special look.


See the Gallery of our fabrics in action by people like you!: Click here

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