Finding the Perfect Dance Fabric

Every performer, director, choreographer and parent-to-the-star-of-the-show realises the value of achieving the perfect dance costume. The costume is a vital part of every performance so it is essential to invest the time necessary to ensure the right fabric is chosen.

dance fabrics

Dance fabrics are unique to regular wear fabrics in that they are designed to allow maximum mobility and flexibility.  Firmer fitting fabrics are generally used to display and emphasize the movements of the dancer.

fancy dress fabricsKeeping in mind the above requirements of dance fabrics, many of the modern dance fabrics available today can be used for different roles, but with the common purpose of maintaining suppleness and mobility.

Lycra is one of the most commonly used fabrics for creating dance costumes. Lycra, otherwise known as Spandex, is an elastic fibre that allows flexibility as well as allowing for the dancer’s comfort.
Lycra is extremely lightweight and most importantly, it can withstand the barrage of perspiration and bodily oils and fluids, detergents and soaps that will frequently come into contact with it.
Lycra can be used for leotards, leggings, and firm fitting tops and shorts, and is a versatile textile for any dance costume.

Another durable textile which is available through most reputable fabric retailers such as Lee Mill Fabric in Swansea, South Wales, is PVC. PVC is completely flexible and at Lee Mill Fabrics we have it in a complete, and vast colour range. Because of the hard-wearing nature of PVC and other dancewear vinyls, these fabrics are perfect for the extra strain put on them by modern dancers.

dance fabricsLeather look fabric has many of the same advantages as dance vinyls wand can be used for skirts, pants and jackets as well as accessories such as headbands and belts. Often, these types of fabrics can be used in conjunction with a textile such as Lycra for a complete costume.

Furs are often used as an accessory material for items such as jackets and shawls. Faux furs come in a wide variety of colours, including leopard skin and other animal looks.

Lee Mill Fabrics in Swansea will send free samples of your chosen material so there is no need for anxiety while waiting for the fabric to arrive before the big performance.

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