Finding the perfect bridal fabric

We love helping brides-to-be find the bridal fabrics they need to make their day special.

No-one needs to tell a soon-to-be-bride how crucial it is to find the perfect fabric for her wedding dress. It is the most important dress a woman will ever wear so finding suitable fabric is essential.

The first step to take is to decide on the style and pattern of the gown. Once this has been chosen, fabric that will be flattering and suitable to the gown can be selected.

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Silk is an appropriate fabric for gowns that are to be beaded or embroidered. Silk Georgette is perfect for the exquisite wedding dress.

Satin is extremely popular as a bridal fabric as it has that luxurious “princess” feel.
 The term satin refers to the weave of the fabric.  Often other fibres are added to create different types of satin weaves. These variations of satin have different purposes in the process of dressmaking. Crepe Satin is lightweight and is often used for a flowy gown, whereas Duchess Satin is a heavy weight fabric used in more structured bridal dresses.

Georgette is a sheer fabric that is commonly used as an overlay and can also be used to make beautiful bridal accessories such as scarves for the bridesmaids and overlay for handbags.

Chiffon has very similar qualities to the Georgette fabrics. There are less expensive fabric options available for lightweight sheer underlays but quality Chiffon and Georgette will drape better and have a more luxurious feel than cheaper options such as viscose. Chiffon can be also be used for accessories such as bows and shawls.

bridal fabrics samplesOrganza is similar to Chiffon in that it is sheer, but organza is a stiff fibre that can be used for sleeves and necklines as well as the overlay. Satin Organza is also available with the difference being a shinier finish than the original organza.

Brocade is generally used for the body of the bridal gown and can also be used for bordering and panels of the gown.

Dupion Silk is an extremely luxurious handmade fabric. It can be plain or embroidered and has fine ridges in the fabric which are known as slubs. Dupion silk is suited for bridal gowns with trains because of the weight and make-up of the fabric.

When it comes to creating the perfect bridal gown, having a little knowledge of the available fabrics will go a long way in making an informed and suitable choice.

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