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Lee Mill Fabrics is owned by Michael Griffiths or Mad Mike as he is know locally to regulars, other shop keepers and friends! We have been trading in Swansea for over 40 years to dressmakers, professionals, hobbyists and students.

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Here is a questions and answers sesison with Mad Mike for more:

Q. Mike seriously, how come your prices are so low?

Mike: With over 40 years buying experience we know exactly where to look for the best bulk bargains. We have fabric from a £1 a metre thru to the more expensive famous brand ranges. I started out as a market trader and with the trader in my roots, I make sure I haggle for every roll of fabric, passing on these savings to you.

Q. Have you really got 10,000 rolls of fabrics, that seems a crazy amount?

Mike: I haven't counted them recently. It's at least 10,000, but who's counting?!

Q. Why haven't you got an online shop?

Mike: Have a look! And get buying today.. www.leemillfabricswholesale.co.uk

Q. Yeah, tell me about this free samples service?

Mike: It's real simple. Get in touch with us, and if you are not sure exactly what you want, we will happily post you some samples, At Lee Mill Fabrics we're not afraid of snipping some fabric so that you can see the exact quality, colours or stitching. We know that a happy customer comes back again and again.


Visit our fabrics page to find out what kinds of fabrics we have in stock.

Don't forget all you have to do is call us, we really can find nearly any kind of fabric at the lowest price, and can post you free samples for you to test. Call 01792 468 504 now so we can help you!

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